Lost Within’

Have you ever had the feeling to be lost in a place you thought you knew? That’s exactly how I am feeling right now, i don’t know where to turn, i am suddenly lacking of air to breathe, I feel stuck in place. I am frozen, crying for help inside but it seems like no … More Lost Within’

Me Like Yuh…

        I don’t think we were ever ready for it. We jumped in it because it felt so Right and so good without even thinking about the logistics, up or downs. We were just ready for the ride. Have you ever felt the need to just go for it without a last … More Me Like Yuh…

First Findings 

I love news hobbies, it keeps you busy and your mind is out; because, I’m that type person that overthinks everything.. (Trust meeeeeeeee) but, lately I have noticed that I reduced the thinking. (Don’t be fooled, it pops back up once in a while, mostly when I’m doubting on something or not really sure) that’s … More First Findings 

8Treasures Hunt

I am trying to think when was the last time I got very excited about a project. Maybe not lately but as I came back from Cameroon this past summer,  I realized that my priorities and goals are in disorder.  While I was there, I looked around, saw what my friends and close  family’s members … More 8Treasures Hunt

Love is That Yew..!

      When she sent me that picture, and told me she was getting married, my heart dropped. suddenly, Mixed feelings overwhelmed me, first I was mad because she left me in “The Single Lane” by myself (we were once soldiers fighting for the same thing: Love), I felt abandoned in the middle of … More Love is That Yew..!