The Other Side…!

As we grow old, I start to realize that we have friendships that fizzle and aren’t what they used to be. 

Sometimes you want to hold on but then you take in that you are not on that chapter anymore, and try to figure how and where you diverged. 

Life is a constant change, thus the evolution of friendship is implied as well. The question is to know now: should you mend it or just let it go? 

Thereupon with age, ego starts to get even bigger on the sense where you never want to be the first to make the move or suggest you are desperate for friendships. On that stage, all you got to do is: 

                  “Be your own Pineapple.!”


In the Lonely Hour…

Sometimes we think: ” Get up, start anew and everything will be great”, but in the mist then you realize that it’s not so glamorous.

I thought I was ready for this journey away from everyone and everything that’s dear to me. Came to find out it was a complete lie; I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t fully prepared to have myself shaken up, I never doubted myself so much, nor starting to question everything; because you realize then, you are on a thin rope with no security net to receive you in case of a fall, trust and believe that fall is going to be deep and painful. 

I’ve found myself crying, praying a lot to have strenght during this journey. 

It hasn’t been an easy walk in the park because, I’m that person that tends not to share when in pain or in discomfort. I would rather suffer in silence than voice it. But, I know for sure it is just a phase; because like they say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

To follow your dreams and vision is not an easy task but down the way, you built that inner confidence and courage that will transcend and make you shine brighter than ever, and  I came to believe that; This starting point is just a stepping stone for something better and greater. 

I got a job line up, and I play a model once every chance I get, I will be moving to my own place shortly, and finally will be getting my 1st motorcycle. 

With patience, You just have to push thru and not give up even when you feel like you can’t do it  … 

Once Upon A time, Versailles….!

You know when it starts that way, there it is 99% chance it is a fairy tale. Well, in this case, we could say that is one… If you get to know me, you will realize that I love everything that is about art, Discovery, history, and so forth. I am very fortunate to live in a city Washington DC, that offers a range and a variety of creatives. Museums are gold mine: “They are freeeeeee”.. So it is natural to always wander in and out of them for no specific reasons. However, the more i am exploring the world, the more I realize that it is not the same case everywhere else. 

There are some places where you won’t mind paying the fee to get in because you know it is totally worth it. Thus, I always been excited to see or go to Versailles. I’ve lived in France and never got the chance to go whether it was school related or just to visit… So, i went to Paris for few days and that was my mission:make it to Versailles no matter what.. With my partner in crime Patrick, we hiked all the way to Versailles. Of course, He was mainly my personal photographer, capture all the beautimussss that makes Versailles; Versailles … But it is always fun to be Ninja in Paris… After  We finished Versailles, we end up with the Beauty, “The Eiffel Tower.”

Lost Within’

Have you ever had the feeling to be lost in a place you thought you knew?

That’s exactly how I am feeling right now, i don’t know where to turn, i am suddenly lacking of air to breathe, I feel stuck in place. I am frozen, crying for help inside but it seems like no none is hearing my cries. 

What to do? Where to turn? I’m feeling so misunderstood. My feelings are all over the place, and as always that “abandoned feels” keeps on sneaking in. Since the young age, I always felt like I was on my own. I am fighting my own demons, it is not easy to stand tall when you are so ill at ease inside. Maybe, my ways of expressing myself aren’t quite effective but I am trying.. However, i have been trying but for some reason, there is a wall that I keep on getting.. So very frustrating, all I want to do is scream and scream… So someone can finally hear me and help me…

Me Like Yuh…

        I don’t think we were ever ready for it. We jumped in it because it felt so Right and so good without even thinking about the logistics, up or downs. We were just ready for the ride.

Have you ever felt the need to just go for it without a last glance?

      That is how I felt and still feeling… My hearts is slowly opening up even though I thought I was going to be a Nun (my application was ready), my singleness has just reached another level. When you spent so much time in the single lane, it just become an habit. You develop systems and you start to lose the Real essence, your real self; however, out of nowhere  I wasn’t  expect it, and It just happens…

     I’m very excited for this new chapter even though the main challenge is still in front of us, all I know is that as long as we are there for each other.

                                                                          I have Nothing to be worried about…

First Findings 

I love news hobbies, it keeps you busy and your mind is out; because, I’m that type person that overthinks everything.. (Trust meeeeeeeee) but, lately I have noticed that I reduced the thinking. (Don’t be fooled, it pops back up once in a while, mostly when I’m doubting on something or not really sure) that’s why I am active, I have thrown myself into something exciting and that keeps me happy. Nowadays, for some reason I suddenly discovered a passion for Interior design.

As I was growing up, you know you have that one person you look up too. I was always in my cousin’s robe. People always thought that I was her daughter.. She was everything you ever dreamed of becoming: model, photographer, traveller,spoke many languages fluently, diplomat’s wife and I was just so in awe of her and still is. She lived in Belgium for many years and there was one thing she absolutely adorns till today. Go on a Antique Hunt, and find vintage things, goodness trust me when I tell you that we would walk up and down  for finds and rare pieces. She is into “Louis the XIX style” French sophistication. She kinda fell into it, didn’t really go to school for it but she just got the eyes for nice things and had her ways with vendors. Her home back in Cameroon the testimony of it; thus If I start the description of the entire house, I will be a long post.

Every summer, I do spend few days at her place and I’m still in admiration of the job she did and still does to improve her place. Then, in my dreaming mind, I  started dreaming about what my own place will look like. Definitely more into the modern and contemporary art design, open space concept.


I really start picturing how I want my house to look  from top to bottom. So, I decided that I will get back to my scrap days and just start to put looks together.
On my free days, I run around town, to antiques or interior design stores, in quest for inspiration. I always at peace, maybe because of the feels you get from the furniture  (Lool, no I don’t speak to things yet, but I think I might have that power if I keep on looking), but also the infamous pinterest (very good and lovely tool); however you can get lost in it, they just have so many things to choose from and it can be very overwhelming.

That is why I’m trying to narrow down my vision so I’m not all over the place. This past weekend, I found this little town “Kensington, MD” that has a row of just antiques and interior design shops; indeed, heaven on earth. I was just a kid in from of a Christmas tree, that feeling of excitement you get when you know you are getting presents. Pricey but so much Love And fleekiness..

I will be to Hire very soon.. So keep an eye out for my designs…

8Treasures Hunt

I am trying to think when was the last time I got very excited about a project. Maybe not lately but as I came back from Cameroon this past summer,  I realized that my priorities and goals are in disorder.  While I was there, I looked around, saw what my friends and close  family’s members are doing and I thought: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Natacha you are seriously on major African time…” meaning that I have not really accomplished something that will be everlasting or something people will remember and say “Yeaaa, she did that”. Then, I remembered that I used to do scrapbooks, vision boards and such when i was younger, something that would help me visualize where and what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. I somehow lost myself as the years went by without realizing it.

 I am at an age where you seriously have to start planning for the old days to come; of course, I need to start slowly but surely; therefore as I am thinking, I jogged down few things I thought were essential to my revival and future survival… hahahahaaaaa, So The list started with:

  • An account for retirement  (A lot of us youngsters really don’t think much about it but while working for a financial institution, you come to realize that you need to be prepared and plan ahead. You trully don’t want to be dependent too much on the government’s money. Some of us at this point of our life don’t even know there is such a thing)
  • A house, that is necessary goods. I decided that I want to be able to start building my house back in Cameroon in the next 2 years if God allows it. I mean I love my family but sometimes you just want to get your own privacy and no rules.
  • Savings, as we all know I’m a major shopaholic but I got the slap in my face when I started to get infos about all the things required to get a house and so.. Trust meeeeeeeee, you need to be ready and I do not think I’m settled yet.
  • And of course, what we all dream of: Prince charming a.k.a the BAE. Wayeeeeeee, where to even start. You know it is soo bad when everyone around wonders why you are not married yet… #AfricanGirlProblems, something might be wrong with you. But then, you realized it’s not a race. It’s all about what You want and be realistic about it.  (you can’t have everything) I always wanted a “David Beckham”… Not available, then of course take everyone’s advice; however you have to remember that you are the one saying “yes forever “, not your family, not your friends. You and you only.

Love is That Yew..!

      When she sent me that picture, and told me she was getting married, my heart dropped. suddenly, Mixed feelings overwhelmed me, first I was mad because she left me in “The Single Lane” by myself (we were once soldiers fighting for the same thing: Love), I felt abandoned in the middle of that field; truly, everyone was getting married and not me (family peer pressure, yessss it is soo real when you are the last one standing) then I snapped out of it and I realized that i was sincerely happy for her, she finally got “Someone down for her forever” . Come to find out, Love was standing next to her without knowing it. Plans were made, Civil was to take place in Paris, city of love. Seriously can say No to Romance, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but I made a promesssss to be present at the Religious ceremony which took place this summer in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Ticket booked, outfits ready, I was truly ready to celebrate the union of my dear friends; By the same token, i was excited to be back to my country, see family and enjoy my time. Then I got hit, Bridesmaid I will be. Meeeeeeeee (The serious chicken dance that followed). I never been anyone bridesmaid; therefore I wasn’t sure what the job entailed. Obviously, I Googled a little bit just to be sure I was prepared to be on duty.

I wasn’t really prepped up with all the details, but let me tell  you something. Getting married required a LOT OF preparation, coordination and support so when that day arrives, everything goes smoothly. Especially African wedding, (no joke eh). I observed all the proceedings go down, and I thought internally “Wow, that’s a lot, why why, why? but everything came nicely together”. From the Lil details, our outfits, the in Church drone Ring bearer, our entrance, the cake. All of it was just beautifully crafted. The best moment and memory for me was when I saw her walking down the aisle, I cried. I only thought it happens in movies but noooooo. It is real,you will cry, tears will roll down, I was truly trying not to ball out, but that moment was so precious to me because it sent me back to that time we’re “Single soldiers” . Just vivid memories and then here she was.

Nicole’s wedding was a Homecoming for me and some of my fellow groomsmen and bridesmaids. We are “The Terrible squad.” Let me Backtrack to us in middle school, we were and still The squad. We basically grew up together, attended the same school, went to the same parties, knew each other businesses, Major ties. It was great almost priceless to see and be with everyone, that wedding got us laughing, sharing, caring for each other even though we all had our personal agendas, we took the time to celebrate and let me tell you that I had the most fun throughout the entire time I spent with everyone. I danced all night long, all night (Lionel Ritchie chorus).. Shoes switch came in handy..

I don’t have much friends, but the immediate people I have in my inner circle are pearls to me, and Nicole is one of them. She always holds me down no matter what, the distance between us never altered our connection. All that to say that I found my tribe, One that add value to my life; therefore I’ll always be present and show up..🤗😊😍😋😚😄😍

Dedicated to : Nicole, Cedric, Hamidou, Manuela, Sammy, Ornella, Eitel, Angie, Patrick, Alvine, Eric, Jojo, Nelly.. shuuuuubaaahhhh

Here’s a sneak peek of our fun…