Love is That Yew..!

      When she sent me that picture, and told me she was getting married, my heart dropped. suddenly, Mixed feelings overwhelmed me, first I was mad because she left me in “The Single Lane” by myself (we were once soldiers fighting for the same thing: Love), I felt abandoned in the middle of that field; truly, everyone was getting married and not me (family peer pressure, yessss it is soo real when you are the last one standing) then I snapped out of it and I realized that i was sincerely happy for her, she finally got “Someone down for her forever” . Come to find out, Love was standing next to her without knowing it. Plans were made, Civil was to take place in Paris, city of love. Seriously can say No to Romance, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but I made a promesssss to be present at the Religious ceremony which took place this summer in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Ticket booked, outfits ready, I was truly ready to celebrate the union of my dear friends; By the same token, i was excited to be back to my country, see family and enjoy my time. Then I got hit, Bridesmaid I will be. Meeeeeeeee (The serious chicken dance that followed). I never been anyone bridesmaid; therefore I wasn’t sure what the job entailed. Obviously, I Googled a little bit just to be sure I was prepared to be on duty.

I wasn’t really prepped up with all the details, but let me tell  you something. Getting married required a LOT OF preparation, coordination and support so when that day arrives, everything goes smoothly. Especially African wedding, (no joke eh). I observed all the proceedings go down, and I thought internally “Wow, that’s a lot, why why, why? but everything came nicely together”. From the Lil details, our outfits, the in Church drone Ring bearer, our entrance, the cake. All of it was just beautifully crafted. The best moment and memory for me was when I saw her walking down the aisle, I cried. I only thought it happens in movies but noooooo. It is real,you will cry, tears will roll down, I was truly trying not to ball out, but that moment was so precious to me because it sent me back to that time we’re “Single soldiers” . Just vivid memories and then here she was.

Nicole’s wedding was a Homecoming for me and some of my fellow groomsmen and bridesmaids. We are “The Terrible squad.” Let me Backtrack to us in middle school, we were and still The squad. We basically grew up together, attended the same school, went to the same parties, knew each other businesses, Major ties. It was great almost priceless to see and be with everyone, that wedding got us laughing, sharing, caring for each other even though we all had our personal agendas, we took the time to celebrate and let me tell you that I had the most fun throughout the entire time I spent with everyone. I danced all night long, all night (Lionel Ritchie chorus).. Shoes switch came in handy..

I don’t have much friends, but the immediate people I have in my inner circle are pearls to me, and Nicole is one of them. She always holds me down no matter what, the distance between us never altered our connection. All that to say that I found my tribe, One that add value to my life; therefore I’ll always be present and show up..🤗😊😍😋😚😄😍

Dedicated to : Nicole, Cedric, Hamidou, Manuela, Sammy, Ornella, Eitel, Angie, Patrick, Alvine, Eric, Jojo, Nelly.. shuuuuubaaahhhh

Here’s a sneak peek of our fun…



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