Me Like Yuh…

        I don’t think we were ever ready for it. We jumped in it because it felt so Right and so good without even thinking about the logistics, up or downs. We were just ready for the ride.

Have you ever felt the need to just go for it without the last glance?

      That is how I felt and still feeling… My heart is slowly opening up even though I thought I was going to be a Nun (my application was ready), my singleness has just reached another level. When you spent so much time in the single lane, it just becomes a habit. You develop systems and you start to lose the Real essence, your real self; however, out of nowhere  I wasn’t expecting it, and It just happens…

     I’m very excited about this new chapter even though the main challenge is still in front of us, all I know is that as long as we are there for each other.

                                                                          I have Nothing to be worried about…


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