In the Lonely Hour…

Sometimes we think: ” Get up, start anew and everything will be great”, but in the mist then you realize that it’s not so glamorous.

I thought I was ready for this journey away from everyone and everything that’s dear to me. Came to find out it was a complete lie; I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t fully prepared to have myself shaken up, I never doubted myself so much, nor starting to question everything; because you realize then, you are on a thin rope with no security net to receive you in case of a fall, trust and believe that fall is going to be deep and painful. 

I’ve found myself crying, praying a lot to have strength during this journey. 

It hasn’t been an easy walk in the park because I’m that person that tends not to share when in pain or in discomfort. I would rather suffer in silence than voice it. But, I know for sure it is just a phase; because like they say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

To follow your dreams and vision is not an easy task but down the way, you built that inner confidence and courage that will transcend and make you shine brighter than ever, and  I came to believe that; This starting point is just a stepping stone for something better and greater. 

I got a job line up, and I play a model once every chance I get, I will be moving to my own place shortly, and finally will be getting my 1st motorcycle. 

With patience, You just have to push thru and not give up even when you feel like you can’t do it  …


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