O SingApOre..!

Before even landing in Asia, my mission in life was to travel as much as possible and to many countries; because,  first, it is super easy and pretty affordable. Trust me, for the weekend you could hop on a flight to Bangkok for less than 100$ round trip and it is only 1hr away.
So for my 1st trip, I decided to go to Singapore for a visa run, I was at the end of my 3-month visa in Vietnam and I needed to renew it asap; Thus, it was the perfect timing and finally could start my own hashtag: #Ashimawanders and #Theasiatour. Check me out

One of My good friend from high school was actually based in Singap so It cut the cost of my stay. Booked my ticket and flew out to Singapore for the weekend.

As it was my first trip after spending 3 months in Vietnam, I was super stoked to be out of the country and it might sound bad but It felt good to be back in an environment where everyone spoke English, the subway, aunty Annie, Nandos, all the little things you missed from home. It was just like a breeze, and definitely different from Ho Chi Minh City.


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