The Life I Never Expected…!


After I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), I would have never thought that I could ever be a model ever…!!! It is true, I love pictures, and I like to Love them. If you know me, I would make you take my pictures everywhere and anywhere and you better be ready to serve me all the possible angles you know.

Then I got to Vietnam, and I got asked left and right if I was a model. For me, it was a novelty but here not, I am somehow standing out; First, not only because of my skin tone but also because of my hairstyle (short blonde hair) Then I realized: “Why not rock this boat”. Then, I met a Designer: Vo Thi Li Lam and she really loved my style and asked me if I could pose with some of her garments and later on featured in her collection fashion show.

After this, We could say it was the beginning of my mini-career as a model in Vietnam. I didn’t want to push much for it but Here I am, I was asked to be in a different shoot this time for a magazine and never In my life, I would ever think that I would be posing for a publication. Thanks to Phan Vo, my favorite photographer, I was able to be in a major production here in Vietnam.

Here are Few Snaps from DEP Magazine 

November 2018 Issue

I was able to work with him on a different project, more editorial and artsy.


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